About Us

  • Our business is disposal and we have been doing so since 1954 starting with Bengal Nagpur Railways presently South Eastern Railways. We believe in 'quicker the disposal, faster the growth.' We love clean house-continual clean house means more room for future growth i.e., more scope for expansion and greater turnover of capital with maximum profit per capita. Our motto is to get realistic market price and quick disposal, locating reliable and financially sound buyers and relieve an organization from the tension of blocked money, lack of storage space, materials quality deterioration due to unsatisfactory storage condition resulting in reduced selling price which again means 'LOSS.'
  • Further, as because we have been dealing in the sale/disposal of different kinds of materials, assets we have full knowledge of the identity and location of the customers best suited for the materials apart from the current market price on a day-to-day basis including the zonal markets i.e., East, West, North and South of the country.
  • Other than our established credentials to hold physical auctions across the country for our various principals with change in time we have understood the importance and acceptability of e-selling. And as such we have developed our own disposal engine which can cater to e-auction and e-tender under the domain www.ahbilimoria.com thereby giving the option of both the platforms to our principals to choose from.
  • We have professional staff, advisers and knowledge of customers to achieve the goal for the clients. Any query we attend with professional approach and achieve what is expected out of us. In short we act as an effective bridge between the buyer and the seller.
AHB E-Selling Services

The e-Selling model of A H Bilimoria & Co works as a 'marketing system' for Clients enabling 'higher price as well as buyer discovery' bringing in more efficiency, transparency & convenience at each stage.

E-selling Modes

  • Forward E-Auction
  • Yankee Auction
  • E-Tender
Products Disposed Through E-Auction
AHB buyer base: Growth Statistics

Total Number of Customers @ A H Bilimoria & Co

Operational Activities at a glance
Pre-Auction Activity
  • Assessment of materials
  • Identify potential bidders
  • Ensure maximum bidder participation
  • Evaluate market sentiment / expected price
  • Attachment to auction system
  • Bidder Training
Auction Activity
  • Design auction strategy & lot formation
  • Auction Creation
  • Buyer registration
  • Conduct E-auction
  • Buyer admin and login
  • Allocation and delegation of rights
  • Manage Users
  • Log in Checker
  • Render technical help during auction
Post-Auction Activity
  • Cash Management System
  • Prepare Sales Order/Delivery Oder
  • Monitoring of Lifting
  • Refund Process
  • Generate MIS report as per client requirement
  • Periodic evaluation of activities with clients
Benefits of AHB E-Auction

Higher Price Realization: AHB existing clients have achieved up to 5 - 12% increment on an average, after migrating from offline sales to online sales.

Decreased Error Rate: Since the buyers enter their own bids, there is less chance of human error during bid transcription.

Transparency: Generates Post Auction audit report capturing complete Bid Trail, H1 bid report & Bidder Participation report.

Increased Reach: AHB e-auction service ensures participation across various parts of the country depending on the nature of the product.

Cycle Time Reduction: Reduces disposal time bringing efficiency to the system.

Our Valuable Clients
  • Theis Precision Steel India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tata Refractories Limited.
  • IPITATA Sponge Iron Limited.
  • Tata SSL Limited.
  • Hooghly Dock & Port Engineers Limited
  • Hindusthan Motors Limited.
  • The Tinplate Co. of India Ltd.
  • Tata Steel Ltd.
  • Tata Steel Ltd., Bearing Division
  • Tata Steel Ltd., West Bokaro Collieries
  • Tata Bluescope Steel Ltd.
  • Bata India Limited.
  • MSP Steel & Power Ltd.
  • Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Tata Construction & Projects Co. Limited.
  • Crescent Power Ltd.
  • Kumardhubi Metal Casting & Engineering Ltd.
  • Jessop & Co Ltd.
  • CESC Ltd.
  • Philips Carbon Black Limited.
  • Tata Steel Ltd., Tube Division
  • Tata Steel Ltd., CRC West
  • Tata Growth Shop
  • Tata Cummins Ltd.
  • Jay Engineering Works.
Proposed Business Model
E-Auction Process
  • Conduct e-auction
  • Buyer & Seller registration
  • Design auction strategy & lot formation
  • Auction Creation
  • Buyer admin and login
  • Allocation and delegation of rights
  • Manage Users
  • Log in Checker