Bidders Manual

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Steps to Bid on

  1. Logon to
  2. Click on Register button on top right.
  3. Fill up the registration form. Please note that filling up of fields having * marks are mandatory and then click Register Me. You will have to provide your own login ID and password. The login ID should not be less than 6 characters (Alfa numeric is preferable, as per example ram123). Password should also be of minimum 6 characters.
  4. The Service provider will activate your account as a registered bidder after receiving the requisite Security Deposits as designated by the principal company. If you have provided your e-mail ID a confirmation of your registration will be received by you in your e-mail ID.
  5. Once your account has been activated by the Service provider please click on ENT Auction / YANKEE Auction Online Auction banner on right side of home page. Or you can click in Login Button on top right to get the login prompt screen.
  6. Login with your Username and Password.
  7. Now you are at the multiple bidding page. This page gives you the option to bid in single or multiple lots according to your attachments and choices.

    On the Bidding screen:

    • a) Click on Auction Name link to see the material details, Start Time, End Time, Bid increment etc.
    • b) Click on Auction ID link to see the bid history of the lot.
    • c) Time remaining: Shows the amount of time remaining before the lot closes.
    • d) UOM: This denotes the basis of bidding i.e. on MT Basis, KG Basis or Lot Basis etc.
    • e) Last Bid: Shows the Current highest bid of the corresponding lot.
    • f) Bidder ID: Shows the User-ID of the Current highest bidder (last bid) of the corresponding lot.
    • g) Total Bids: Shows the number of bids that the lot has received.
    • h) Your Bids: Shows the minimum bid that a bidder should choose i.e. “Last Bid + Minimum Bid Increment”, however, any bidder is free to exceed this amount in multiples of “Minimum bid increment” kept for the lot.
      • i) Minimum Bid Increment: Shows the minimum bid increment of the corresponding lot ( In multiples ).
    • j) Bid type: In this module any user can bid for any lot either Generally or by Proxy bidding / auto bidding.
      • i) Proxy Bid: Click on Proxycheck box to set your highest bid limit. Computer will then automatically bid on your behalf till the set limit.
        • 1. Enter your price in the Your bid box.
        • 2. Tick the “SELECT” box with left click on the mouse.
        • 3. Tick the Proxy Box with the left click on the mouse
        • 4. Click the Submit Bid button. If the User ID link display’s your User ID then your proxy has been recorded by the system. In case you have entered a lower proxy than what is already present in the system then your user ID will not be reflected in the system and you will have to enter a higher proxy.


        • A. If you give a higher proxy amount and auction closes at lower amount, you have to pay the lower amount, not the higher amount you have put as a proxy bid.
        • B. Your Proxy bid is known to you only. It is neither disclosed nor visible to other bidders ever.
        • C. The proxy bid can only be in the multiples of the bid increment.
        • D. The last proxy set by the user can be viewed by the USER ONLY and not by any one else against a particular lot or lots by clicking on the YOUR PROXY button on the bidding page.
      • ii) General Bid: Click on Select check box to set your bid (Opening bid/Current bid + minimum bid increment) or you can bid more than the defined bid increment, type your bid value in Select box then click Submit Bidbutton.
        • 1. Tick the Select check Box.
        • 2. Enter your price in the Your Bid box.
        • 3. Click the Submit Bid Button. Bidder’s ID should display your ID if your bid is the highest present in the system. If any other Bidder ID is displayed by the system then you will have to enter a higher bid.
    • k. Refresh Screen: Keep refreshing the bidding screen by pressing F5.
    • l. An user can keep track of selectively keeping track of one or all the lots offered in a separate popup window on the top of the bidding page by selectively Ticking on the left Refresh check box followed by clicking on the Auto Refresh button to open this popup window.
    • m. Message Box: Messages are transmitted by the service provider from time to time which scrolls from right to left of your screen on the top of the bidding page.
    • n. Through the NEWS FLASH Box important messages are displayed periodically in connection with the on going process.
    • o. Filter by category: This facility entitles an user to selectively choose any one or all the auction for which he has been attached.
  8. Change of Password: You could do this from Live Auction page Clicking Change Password link.
  9. This module has been provided with a separate Auction Observer Page which is protected by user ID and password. An user can click on this link and enter their active user ID and Password to arrive at the Auction Observer page. This page has got three (3).
    links as below.
    • a) Live Auction: link shows the opening price and current price of the all lots which are being auctioned currently.
    • b) Closed Auctions: Will show the list of closed/complete auctions.
    • c) Lot Confirmation: Lots for which decisions have been received from the principal company are displayed in this link.
  10. A bidder can view his winning bids by clicking on YOUR WINNING BIDS available on the bidding page.(11) In this bidding module a lot can be kept open for bidding for a fixed time period or according to decisions of Principal Companies Limited/Unlimited Auto extensions. In case of limited auto extension the no of extension left is shown Extension left column.Where as a ** appears in this column where an unlimited extension of time has been provided. If no indications are available in this box then the lot is going to be closed according to time schedule mentioned in the bid page.

In case you have registered your e-mail ID with us you will receive compliances with respect to status of your offer through your e-mail.

Thank You