Listing FAQ's

Proxy setup by one user is never visible to another user.

No, proxy setting merely initializing the process of setting up an auto bid process by which any user does not have to repeatedly use the generalized process of bidding till his proxy bid amount is exceeded by another user. If the current bid is below the proxy setup by an user, then the current will be considered as a final bid (if the time allotted for the bidding has expired) and in no case the proxy set up by the user will be considered.

In such an eventuality, the user who had set up the 1st proxy, his proxy will be considered valid and his bidder ID will be reflected in the bid page.

Suppose, User-A has set a proxy of Rs.1000/- against Lot No.01 and currently no other user has out bidded this proxy and the last bid is suppose Rs.700/-. Now User-A himself wants to increase his proxy to Rs.2000/-. In this case the earlier proxy setup by user-A i.e. Rs.1000/- + Minimum bid increment will be reflected as a last bid done by user-A instead of Rs.700/- and user-A's bidder will reflected in the bid page.

There will be no auto extension of bidding period by such an act, however, if any extension of bidding period is allowed on a particular lot the same would be notified through the message strips which scrolls across your terminal on top of your bidding page.

A separate link "LOT CONFIRMATION" has been provided in the "Auction observer" page which allows an active user to access the results of their offers.